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A Taste of Tuscany in Paso Robles

We became familiar with the Central Coast of California and Paso Robles in particular during short family excursions in the early 2000s.  We ended up buying a property in Paso that had 11 acres, half of which was occupied by a long neglected apple orchard.  Noting the Mediterranean climate and soil, we thought that olives would thrive.  Clearing the land and preparing it took a lot of hard work and help from friends and family.  While we started with far from a blank canvas, we ended with a beautiful tapestry of 300 olive trees of the Frantoio, Leccino, and Pendolino varieties.

Our oil is the result of the ideal Paso Robles soil and climate, the perfect balance of Tuscan varietals, and a lot of care and love.  It all comes together in an extra virgin olive oil that has both smoothness and a peppery finish.  We hope that you let us share our hard work with you and enjoy our pride and joy!


Freshly Pressed

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